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Heyday vs Gorgias—who gets the E-commerce customer-service edge?

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Integrate your E-commerce platform for an all-in-one messaging solution that delivers product recommendations on top of best-in-class customer support.

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Why businesses 
love Heyday

Our AI-powered conversational features empower e-commerce teams to acquire, engage and serve customers better.

Add E-commerce to the mix

Gorgias’ customer support is designed specifically for E-commerce. Heyday takes it a step further by syncing your product catalog to help you convert conversations into outright sales.

Move past the help desk

Integrated with your product catalog, Heyday offers up product search, recommendations, and re-stock and price-drop alerts. Ultimately, Heyday delivers a complete AI-powered solution that goes beyond a mere help desk.

There’s no ‘I’ in team, but there is in AI

Do your team members a solid by having Heyday tackle FAQs without your staff breaking a sweat. Heyday’s level of automation is unparalleled, so your agents can take on higher-value conversations, even via video chat.


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Certified sense of security

Heyday is ISO 27001-certified, achieving only the highest international information-security standard. It’s also GDPR-compliant, taking the protection of data, including that of your customers, seriously.

The world’s leading brands choose Heyday

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What they say
about Heyday

“Heyday was definitely a cost saver for us, it helped us save at least 50% on customer service resources to refocus them on sales.”

Philippe-Antoine Defoy
General Manager at Popeye’s Supplements

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