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Give your support team the support they need

Heyday’s Conversational AI answers high-volume FAQs and removes the repetitive work weighing down your team.

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The world’s leading brands engage their customers with Heyday


FAQ Automation

Free your team from FAQs.

Help customers help themselves with our always-on FAQ automation chatbot that answers up to 80% of inquiries. Reduce your team’s workload, while giving customers instant access to the answers they want, like store opening hours and location to product questions, return policies and appointment booking.

30% of email and phone calls reduction in first month

88% FAQ automation rate

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Order tracking automation

Help customers track their precious orders

The best brands are helpful and proactive. With our order tracking feature, you can keep customers in the loop at all times with automated shipping notifications. Not only will customers love your proactivity – you’ll also be saving your agents’ time and energy from the burden of order-tracking related questions.

35% reduction in customer service requests after implementing Heyday’s order tracking automation feature

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Bot-To-Human Handoff

Move seamlessly from AI to agent

Chatbots are great for making your operations hyper-efficient, connecting with your customers, and being available for them 24-7 when they need you. But no one knows your business quite like your team. That’s why our seamless agent handoff feature ensures easy collaboration between our bot and your agents for more sensitive or complex conversations that require a human touch.

30% reduction in email requests after 3 months

1000% e-commerce sales increase during the pandemic

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Boost your team’s bandwidth and efficiency

Smart templates

Increase the speed of your responses with macros and smart templates that help save time across common sales & service scenarios.


Department dispatch

Your sales reps can customize their information in relation to specific departments, so our chatbot can route each conversation to the right expert


In-chat product search

Heyday’s deep ecommerce integrations enable your agents to search your product catalog and share recommendations directly inside the chat.

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Keep all your customer conversations in one place

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What they say about Heyday

“Heyday was definitely a cost saver for us. It helped us save at least 50% on customer service resources to refocus them on sales.”

Philippe-Antoine Defoy
General Manager @ Popeye’s Supplements

Scale your support team with AI

Add a nifty customer service chatbot to your website to augment your agents’ capabilities and delight your customers with lightning-fast service.
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