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Customer Stories

Profiles and case studies highlighting the wins of our clients.

Gagné en Santé: Promoting Natural Health With Conversational AI

Gagné en Santé: Promoting Natural Health With Conversational AI

After operating strictly as a brick-and-mortar retail operation with multiple outlets for nearly 20 years, Gagné en Santé stepped into the digital realm in 2002 with its first e-commerce store. With a reputation for providing stellar service for their customers in Québec and the rest of Canada, the company grew their customer base by creating a digital footprint early on, when few retailers were doing the same.
Fitness Retailer Used Conversational AI

How a Global Sport and Fitness Retailer Used Conversational AI to Grow Sales and Lower Costs

At Heyday, we love nothing more than seeing our customers thrive. That’s why we’re proud to talk about the success of global sport and fitness retailer Decathlon UK, which leveraged the conversational AI power of Heyday to help handle unprecedented (but welcome!) growth in e-commerce sales during the Covid-19 disruption.

How French Sports Equipment Retailer Incept Achieved Record-Breaking CSAT Scores with FAQ Automation

When Incept started building its direct-to-consumer offering in early 2020, there was no way of predicting how essential that business stream would be just a few short months later.

How Furniture Retailer Mobilia Resolved 83% of Customer Service Cases over the Holidays with Heyday AI

When COVID-19 had consumers confined to their homes and embracing (albeit forcefully) WFH, furniture sales soared to $1.2 billion, up from roughly $970 million in 2019 — representing a 24% increase in net sales year over year.

How Supermarket Chain Avril Supercharged Their 3-Person Support Team with Heyday

How does a growing brand manage a 1000% surge in ecommerce activity in a single day? The combined power of Shopify, Heyday, and an all-star team built to make magic happen.
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