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Three Dots

Insights, stories and advice from the Heyday chatterboxes.

DeSerres: Lifting Spirits and Supporting Creativity with Conversational AI

Find out how art supply chain DeSerres improved CX, lowered costs and helped drive sales with AI chat from Heyday by Hootsuite.

ATTITUDE: Supporting Healthy Living with Conversational AI

Natural personal care products maker ATTITUDE was struggling to handle e-commerce and customer service demands. Enter conversational AI from Heyday by Hootsuite.

Bestseller: Bringing Fashion and Service Forward With Conversational AI

Find out how international fashion giant Bestseller improved CX with AI chat from Heyday by Hootsuite.

Live Chat vs. Conversational AI: What’s the Difference?

Today, chat is the medium of choice for online consumers; in fact, 64% of people say they’d rather message a business than call. So if your Shopify store hasn’t integrated a Shopify chatbot app yet: what exactly are you waiting for?
Out with third-party cookies, in with first-party data using conversational AI

Goodbye Third-Party Cookies. Hello Social Commerce.

Find out why conversations are the key to connecting with customers in the post-cookie era.
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