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Selling on Shopify in 2022: 5 Integrations to Drive More Sales

Selling on Shopify in 2022: 5 Integrations to Drive More Sales

Conversational AI helps Shopify merchants just like you grow and scale their businesses with automated responses to customer questions in real-time. And one core tenet we always return to when coaching our Shopify merchant community is that online sales are made within seconds.

The Social Commerce Shopportunity of Conversational AI: An Expert Weighs In

Joan Walters is a conversational AI expert. She gives insights into how the technology fits in with social commerce and how the combination represents a massive opportunity for e-commerce decision-makers moving forward.
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3 Reasons to Add Conversational AI to Your Shopify Store

Looking to automate sales on Shopify? Heyday’s Sales & Support Chat by Hootsuite is a Shopify chatbot that automates sales and delivers shopping assistance for your customers, 24/7.
ai customer service

How to Improve Customer Service With AI in the Age of Social Commerce

Dig in to find out how brands can take their customer service offer to the next level with artificial intelligence and personalization. Before that, however, we’re going to get back to basics and break down what exactly customer service is, how it’s changed, and how to get it right at a fundamental level.

How Social Commerce Is Reshaping Customer Experience

In this tribune, Étienne Mérineau, Senior Director of Marketing at Heyday by Hootsuite, explains what social commerce is, why it matters, and where it’s going. One thing is for certain: social commerce is here to stay.
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