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Three Dots

Insights, stories and advice from the Heyday chatterboxes.

Empathy in retail: staying on track in the time of distancing

Listening to customers has never been more integral to the success of a brand. So how can you assess your ability to empathize effectively? And better yet, how can you equip your team, your employees, and your stores with the right tools to demonstrate empathy?

Yan Martin’s 6 crucial insights on leadership and brand purpose

In this Q&A, Yan Martin reveals key pieces of wisdom for retailers focused on steering their marketing efforts in the right direction today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Digital acceleration and resiliency: a look at Fresh cosmetics

Industry leader—   Aida Shenkute—   Brand General Manager at Fresh Canada shares how Fresh is staying agile, collaborative, and optimistic for the future by adapting to change and listening to its community.

How DTC Meal Kit Provider Goodfood Coped During the Pandemic

How did a thriving organization like Goodfood adjust to the massive disruption ignited by COVID-19? We sat down with Howard Chan, Director of Product Management, to find out.

Customer support in the age of COVID-19

Customer support standards are evolving rapidly as retailers look to digitize their business while replicating the in-store experience online.
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