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Keep your customer conversations under one roof.

Connect with your customers across webchat, Messenger, Google’s Business Messages, email & more.

Multichannel chat

Meet shoppers on their turf,
without changing yours.

Sell more products and support your customers around-the-clock on every channel that matters to them. Think: chatting directly from your website, Facebook Messenger, Google’s Business Messages, WhatsApp, and more.

Heyday inbox

Centralize and track every customer conversation in one spot.

Heyday’s hybrid chat allows your team to effortlessly manage all customer conversations from one unified inbox, tracking all interactions from bot to humans. You can filter conversations, respond to shoppers, and resolve queries from a single hub. Plus, you can trigger CSAT surveys to measure customer satisfaction.

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Bot-to-human handoff

Seamless chat transfer from our bot, to your team.

Heyday’s AI chatbot acts as the front-line for all customer queries, only routing pre-qualified, sensitive, and complex customer questions to your human team. This way, your overworked support team isn’t inundated with simple FAQs.
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Brands Heyday

“With Heyday, we’re able to combine the power of advanced automation and live chat to connect with our customers on multiple channels, in multiple scenarios.”

Camille Ract
Head of Customer Engagement, Decathlon Singapore

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64% of customers expect real-time assistance on all channels. Be there for them when it matters most.

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