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Say hello to our new logo
 — April 20, 2022

In 2021, Heyday announced that we would be joining the Hootsuite family. Our mission to make buying from a brand as simple as sending a text message is fully aligned with Hootsuite’s position as the leading social media management platform. Together, we know that Heyday by Hootsuite will continue to lead the pack in both social and conversational AI, and transform how people interact with their favorite brands. 

One interesting aspect of our joining Hootsuite is how the Heyday logo has evolved as a result. Because we are no longer simply Heyday (we are now Heyday by Hootsuite!), our logo underwent a refresh—and we’re very happy with how it’s looking: 

With the next phase of our journey mapped out, we thought it would be a good time to look back at how the Heyday logo came about when we designed it in 2019 (which seems like a lifetime ago!)


So let’s start with our foundational design principles…

A great logo is more than just a logo. It conveys a sense of higher purpose, a foundational mission that can survive the zeitgeist and the test of time.

‍A great logo captures the entire spirit of a brand. It’s its megaphone, its flag in the sand, its signal in a world full of noise.‍

A great logo is simple yet meaningful and instantly memorable.‍

Despite its undeniable importance, startups tend to underinvest in branding. In the early days, you just have so much to think about—from building your product to signing and onboarding early-stage customers to pitching to investors. Your logo and overall brand identity quietly take the backseat while you take care of more urgent matters.‍

When redesigning a logo, you first need to think about what you stand for. Why do you exist? Which dent do you want to make in the universe?‍

Borrowing from Simon Sinek’s famous framework, when we set out to create a new Heyday logo in 2019, we set out to distill our why, our how and our what. Here’s where landed:‍

Why: Make e-commerce more personal and meaningful

How: By putting conversation at the heart of every customer interaction

What: An AI-augmented customer messaging platform for e-commerce brands

At that time, our logo captured our entire spirit and company mission in one simple icon:

We wanted our icon to be super simple — so simple in fact that it could be hand drawn by a kid (like the iconic golden arches of McDonald’s or the swoosh of Nike). We also wanted it to convey our hybrid chat product philosophy: The smiley face both looks like a happy person and a robot, further cementing our motto of “enhancing humans, not replacing them”. The simplicity and universality of the icon is really what made us fall in love with it.‍

  • The Three Dots also evoke our three core pillars (the internal teams that Heyday’s Conversational AI solution gives superpowers to: sales, support & marketing).‍
  • If you make the smile rotate to 90 degrees, it creates a “C” for “Conversation” as the overarching umbrella that unifies these three pillars.


Conversational and personalized business cards

We created custom business cards. Each set has 12 variations of colours. On the back of the card, each employee presents herself in a conversational and casual way while adding its personal purpose, for example: “I’m here to help you deliver customer happiness” or “I turn brands into virtual friends”.

Why everything is in lowercase? Because…

  • that’s how people text each other every day (no CAPS, no punctuation, free-flowing text)
  • it feels more humble and human (it’s not screaming for attention)
  • it breaks conventions (and heyday was built to reinvent customer experience)
  • it’s different, it’s clean, it’s aesthetically pleasing

How it comes to life

App icon

Chat widget

A quick look at how the conversation rolls with the Heyday chatbot.

Agent dashboard


Email signature animation


Wall art


Conference rooms

Our design system is used across the board, from wall art to swag to conference rooms. Here we named and branded each conference room at our brand new office…

Mugs & stickers


Tone of voice

Our tone of voice is a mix of a few key guidelines: we wanted it to be:

  • conversational
  • friendly
  • customer-focused (customer advocate)
  • future-forward
  • quick witted
  • aspirational

Here are few examples of how it comes to life around the office and on Instagram feed:

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