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5 Ways to Use Product Recommendations On Your Shopify Store


The world of online shopping is one of abundance. 🍒🍉🍌🍏🍊 No longer are we limited to picking through the scraps on the rack at our local mall (sorry not sorry, Bargain City!). Today, we can shop from retailers all over the world, browsing thousands upon thousands of variations of adult denim shorteralls, pulling together the perfect look from an entire global directory of products.

…but can we be real for a second? The amount of options ecommerce offers these days can sometimes be overwhelming

And for e-tailers, that’s a big, big problem.

So-called ‘choice paralysis’ is the source of a huge portion of lost sales. Forty-six percent of customers have bailed on a purchase because there were just too many options to choose from. 🤯

The bottom line? Providing customers with an onslaught of products isn’t enough to ensure they have a positive shopping experience (and, you know, actually buy something). To truly optimize your CX, product recommendations are essential. 


So, What Are Product Recommendations?

Product recommendations are suggestions for shoppers that direct them to the most relevant goods in your inventory.

Product recommendations can be generalized — like a list of best-selling products — but they can also be super personal, generated by an algorithm that showcases a dynamic selection of items unique to each shopper. 

Either way: recommending products helps shoppers avoid frustration and find what they want, and helps businesses score more completed purchases. Aw yeah. We love a good win-win. (Especially if it involves shorteralls.)

Product Recommendations

Ok, cool. But Why Do Product Recommendations Matter?

Product recommendations help consumers cut through the clutter and narrow in on selections that suit their needs more quickly🎁

With in-store shopping experiences, this has traditionally been the role of a sales associate or personal shopper — someone who knows the inventory inside and out and can help a frazzled guest find, say, just the right party dress to totally steal focus at their sister’s wedding. 💃🏻

Sure, live chat customer service can help online shoppers with product suggestions, but tbh, that can be a huge time suck for teams. And with online shopping on the rise post-pandemic (e-commerce is now a $4.9 trillion industry!), that’s only going to mean more consumers sliding into brands’ DMs, looking for help

Luckily, conversational AI is here to help carry the load, and can help businesses of all sizes on Shopify exceed customer expectations (and let’s be clear: those expectations are sky-high, particularly for Millennial and Gen Z shoppers) and deliver awesome recommendations at scale

Beyond simply suggesting similar products, conversational AI chatbots and next-generation product recommendation widgets can offer intelligent, hyper-targeted product recommendations that are unique to every consumer…and (yay!) lead to some sweet, sweet sales.  

That’s right: product recommendations aren’t just a nice thing to do for your customers, you sweet thing. There’s some serious ROI to be had here, too. 🤑 In fact, Adobe’s research has shown that product recommendations are 30 percent more likely to convert customers than sites that don’t practice reccos. 

Generated from an individual’s browsing and purchasing behavior, personalized product recommendations on Shopify help shoppers find relevant products quickly and easily…which makes clicking that checkout button all the easier. 

In a recent McKinsey study, 67 percent of customers reported expecting brands to give them relevant product recommendations. 🤔 Another 76 percent said they’re more likely to consider buying from brands that offer personalized service. And Monetate’s research, meanwhile, has revealed that browsers who engage with recommended products have a 70 percent higher conversion rate.

That’s a lot of numbers to throw at you, we know. But here’s really the only one you need to know: product recommendations are associated with a mind-blowing 29 percent increase in revenue.

The bottom line? Recommending products is the key to making 👏 that 👏 bank 👏. So, what are you waiting for? Here’s five ways to add product recommendations to your Shopify store, below.👇🏿

Product Recommendations for Shopify

5 Ways to Add Product Recommendations to Your Shopify Strategy

1. Showcase your new arrivals and best-sellers

For new and returning shoppers alike, highlighting your latest products and your best-selling items is a super easy way to get started with recommendations. You don’t need any advanced tracking or tools to do this sort of generic recco, and you can still reap some excellent benefits: after all, 80 percent of retail sales tend to come from 20 percent of a company’s products

Pointing out best-sellers to shoppers also taps into the power of social proof — why not put peer pressure to work for you? 👯‍♂️

2. Spotlight top-reviewed and top-rated products

Another opportunity to make social proof work in your favor is to showcase top-rated products to shoppers in various spots across the site. 

When products are displayed with reviews, conversion rates shoot up — the likelihood a customer will buy a product with just five reviews is 270 percent higher than buying one with no reviews. ⭐️ So don’t be shy about sharing those five-star faves along a customer’s journey.

3. Suggest a great deal

Sales and offers are often viewed as the oldest retail trick in the book…but don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it. For consumers overwhelmed by choice, offering the opportunity to narrow the field by value can be extremely helpful. 

In fact, Shopify’s Future of Commerce report discovered that 52 percent of shoppers are influenced to complete a sale if they’re offered personalized discounts. 🛒 Who can blame ‘em? Don’t we all love a deal?

4. Learn from lookalike audiences

Of course all of your customers are unique and beautiful flowers 🌸, but the reality is that they also probably have something in common with other shoppers, too. AI can identify audience patterns, tracking what similar users have shown interest in, and make informed suggestions based on that.

The algorithm can also track and suggest pieces that are frequently bought together, or complementary items and similar items. Tap into the power of the crowd to help shoppers discover something they might love, too.

5. Get personal

OK: there’s absolutely value to generic recommendations…but personalized picks are where the real money is made. 

With the help of conversational AI, recommendations can instantly be made to shoppers based on factors like previous browsing, past purchases, or geolocation. 💡

What’s trending with other shoppers in Seattle? What might someone who bought a pair of sunglasses shaped like parrots also like to add to their wardrobe? The algorithm will be ready to roll with suggestions (e.g., Frasier merch or this crab hat) that fit just right.

How to Share Product Recommendations With Customers

Once you’ve decided what products to recommend to your shoppers, it’s time to actually tell them about all these great goodies that would look mighty fine in their shopping carts.

You might present this info at the bottom of another product page, or during the checkout process, or in conversation with an AI chatbot like Heyday by Hootsuite. 🤖

After all, in a way, AI-powered chatbots are kind of like the new search bar🔍

Using intelligent, natural language, Heyday can instantly pull up recommended products, suggest best-sellers or top-rated pieces, and even help customers move forward with their buying journey right in the chat window. 

Want to learn more about how Heyday can help Shopify merchants take product recommendations and customer service to the next level? Check out the Heyday for Spotify chatbot integration here.

Conversational AI is the Future of Selling on Shopify

As a Shopify merchant/solopreneur/one-person-show we get it: selling is hard. Heyday’s Shopify chatbot is not only going to make your customers happier—but help you sell more with every conversation. And, it’s a pretty big flex to add to your Shopify store (bye, competitors) as you reach for the business success of your dreams. Need we say more?

We could chat for days about the Heyday – Sales & Support Chat for Shopify. Reach us at or visit us on the Shopify App Store.

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