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Meet the Busy Chatbots of Heyday
 — March 28, 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we work, live, and play—and it’s exciting. From self-driving cars to chatbots, this revolutionary technology is all around us, and will become even more common in the years to come. 

At Heyday by Hootsuite we don’t just create amazing AI: we’re also on a mission to show how AI can be helpful, engaging, and fun. With that in mind, we wanted to introduce our readers to some of our amazing bots—but first, let’s dig into how we create on-brand bots that communicate the way their owners want them to.


What’s in a Bot?

Though it can be tempting to think of chatbots as totally autonomous, in fact there are whole teams of humans building and refining bots behind the scenes. These include AI engineers (the folks who write very complicated computer code) and conversational designers (the people who decide what, exactly, the bots will say when customers speak to them.)

Every chatbot we build at Heyday is uniquely designed to speak in the voice of a particular brand. And since no two brands are identical, neither are our bots: for example, one brand may prefer their bot to be more formal, while another may request their bot to be a little more playful. We can meet those needs thanks to our conversational designers.

Conversational designers, as their title suggests, are experts at selecting the words, themes, and finer points of language that define the “personality” of an AI. These wordsmiths must anticipate the types of questions users will ask the bots, identify tricky linguistic traps that could confuse the AI, and other critical factors—but they must also write up the clever, formal, or informative answers that the AI will use to communicate with people. It’s a big (but fun) job, and our designers are the best in the business. 

Below, you’ll get to meet some of the chatty AIs we’ve built for top brands, and learn just how they interact with people. These bots are fun and friendly, and we’re very proud of how they are making their way in the world. 




Peak automation rate: 61.7%

Number of monthly inquiries: 70,000+



Sport and fitness retailer Decathlon UK experienced a huge spike in customer inquiries on digital channels during the pandemic, as people did more of their shopping online. To handle the crush of messages, Decathlon UK partnered with Heyday to develop an AI chatbot that would automate the handling of customer FAQs and create upsell opportunities in chat. 

Fast-forward to today, and the AI-powered chatbot, nicknamed Deca, handles tens of thousands of conversations every month. According to data from Meta, 96% of customers were satisfied with their bot interactions in Messenger.  Let’s pop in and find out what’s happening with Decathlon UK.

DecathlonXheyday visual_product reco



Peak automation rate: 94% 

Number of monthly inquiries: 8,500+


Gourmet tea company Kusmi Tea also had a surge of online orders in 2020. Together, Heyday and Kusmi built a conversational AI that now automates answers to 25 of Kusmi Tea’s most frequently asked questions and handles thousands of unique conversations per month. 

Numbers don’t lie: Between August and October 2021, Kusmi’s tea guru initiated more than 8,500 conversations with customers, achieving a 94% automation rate. During the same period, the average response time for customers contacting Kusmi Tea dropped from nearly 10 hours in August to less than 3.5 hours by September, thanks to AI! Let’s take a look to see for ourselves how helpful this bot can be.





Peak automation rate: 58%

Number of monthly inquiries: 67,000+


Furniture retailer Mobilia knows how challenging it is to handle a surge in e-commerce growth. In 2020, following the arrival of Covid-19 restrictions worldwide, global furniture sales soared to $1.2 billion, up from $970 million in 2019—a 24% increase year over year. 

Mobilia experienced a huge increase in online sales and customer service requests as a result, straining the company’s service team. It quickly became clear that Mobilia would need a way to automate the handling of low-value customer inquiries. Enter Heyday!

By rolling out an AI-powered chatbot named Mia designed specifically for retail from Heyday, Mobilia was able to automate 83% of customer service requests in the months following deployment. Mobilia learned how easy and effective it is to leverage AI for the simple questions, while leaving more complex requests to human teammates. 

Let’s check in and see how things are going with Mia.



Sometimes, after a busy workday, bots like to let their hair down a little. We popped in for a chat with a bot who had just finished a long shift helping customers online.  


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