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Here's how to get your social commerce strategy ready for the biggest sales event of the year.

How to Use Heyday for Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales


Conversational AI is having a major moment in e-commerce. And for a good reason, as it provides instant, automated answers to customer questions across all your channels. Conversational AI helps you drive sales round the clock — but just as importantly, it helps ensure that your customer service is top-notch, 24/7.

As we move to a social storefront – with customer DMs increasing in volume (and with many customers expecting to receive a response from brands within MINUTES) — it’s important to have a solution that’s going to help your team out in super busy sales periods, especially for big moments like Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

In 2020’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday, there was a 175% YoY increase of Black Friday/Cyber Monday-specific messages received on brand’s social media platforms. It was the chattiest sales event worldwide in 2020 — and the desire for customers to ask their favorite brands about stock, products, size, fit, shipping, etc., isn’t going away anytime soon. That’s where Heyday can help.

1. Heyday sells to your customers around the clock and across timezones 

One of the best things about Heyday’s conversational AI is that our chatbot makes you available 24/7, your store is always-on.. This means that living across the world is able to receive customer support instantly if they are uncertain about your products.

How this works is with Heyday’s automated, on-brand FAQ feature — which can easily be set up as soon as you integrate Heyday with your online store. These immediate and automated responses ensure that your customers have every bit of information needed before clicking that check-out button. 

For BFCM specifically, Heyday can help you drive more business in creative ways, such as adding a promo codes and sales details directly in the Heyday chat with a Welcome Message or while your customers wait to speak to an agent 

2. Heyday personalizes product recommendations directly in the chat

Heyday’s impressive product catalog integration and search functionality means that you can present best-sellers, and on-sale items, as well as offer personalized recommendations based on a few questions on your customer’s viewing and purchasing history — straight in the Heyday chat. 

Who doesn’t love a quiz? This is also a great way to get data about your customers in a trustworthy way.

And, product recommendations lead to roughly a 30% increase in sales when done right. And we all know that personalisation is key to driving sales online.

3. Heyday streamlines your customer service communications

Could you imagine answering every customer DM by hand, across every.single.messaging channel? Neither can we at this point.

We also know that when business open the chat, the number of calls and emails drop. And a chat can be responded to in less than half of the time it takes to answer an email.

So one of the cool things about Heyday is that it centralizes all of your customer conversations across sales channels into one unified Inbox. This means all of your customer messages on Instagram Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and even Email — and Web — can be found in a nice, organized Heyday Inbox. 

For Black Friday/Cyber Monday, you can expect to see a surge in customer communications coming across everywhere and anywhere. The Heyday Inbox keeps things super organized — so you don’t miss a thing.

4. Heyday provides 24-7 support to your customers as they navigate Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales

And ultimately, helps your business save time and close more sales.

You can download the complete guide to Black Friday/Cyber Monday here.

And if you’d like to learn how to scale your business to new heights with the Heyday – Sales & Support Chat for Shopify, reach us at

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