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Here's how to get your social commerce strategy ready for the biggest sales event of the year.

3 Ways to Leverage Heyday’s Conversational Data for Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Strategy 


From personalized product recommendations to informing what products to promote for your Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, Heyday’s conversational data can be leveraged to help you sell more (and meet your customers where they’re at).

Below and in our video, we outline three key reasons to add Heyday to your e-commerce store for Black Friday/Cyber Monday – and how to successfully use conversational data to inform your BFCM strategies.

1. Heyday can determine which products you should sell and promote in your Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales

Heyday allows you to store and record the products that your shoppers are asking about the most either directly in the Heyday chat on your e-commerce store — but also in dms on Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

For Black Friday, this data will help you to plan for the most popular products to promote in your sales event. This is most helpful for your marketing team when they start to plan which products to curate and promote across email marketing and social media — and is going to help drive sales all around.

2. Heyday can show you where your shoppers drop off in the sales journey

It’s a great idea to review your customer service data leading up to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend so that you can address some of your customer pain points — and to understand where exactly they are failing to convert to a sale.

The cool thing is that Heyday integrates with Google Analytics so that you can review your customer’s path of purchase — and where they tend to drop off. 

Perhaps they are arriving at checkout and are not completing the purchase as you do not offer shipping to their designated country. Something like updating your shipping options could therefore be something important to implement prior to Black Friday. And it’s going to greatly help your e-commerce team to adjust your web and UX strategy if needed.

3. Heyday can collect conversational data on what your customers care about the most

With Heyday’s conversational data, you can also review if your customers are asking things like:

What is the fit and size of this t-shirt? Do you carry this blouse in blue? What are the payment options available — and do you ship worldwide?

For Black Friday/Cyber Monday, leveraging your customer’s frequently asked questions will ensure that you can provide your shoppers with exceptional customer service by answering common queries rapidly and instantly on the Heyday chat.

But it also can inform your marketing and sales team in the messaging they are constructing for your promotional materials — so it’s a win-win to make a heavily data-informed, and customer-centric, Black Friday strategy this year.

You can download the complete guide to Black Friday/Cyber Monday here.

And if you’d like to learn how to scale your business to new heights with the Heyday – Sales & Support Chat for Shopify, reach us at

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