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Here's how to get your social commerce strategy ready for the biggest sales event of the year.

How to Get Your Social Commerce Ready for Black Friday/Cyber Monday


With recent Meta data showing that more than 1 billion people connect with businesses using its messaging services each week — and with social messaging increasing by 175% from 2019 to 2020 — fine-tuning your social commerce framework should be top of mind for Black Friday/Cyber Monday and beyond. 

Feeling stuck? Follow our comprehensive guide and video on how to get your Black Friday/Cyber Monday social commerce strategy ready for the biggest sales event of the year, below.

Tip 1: Ensure an omnichannel shopping experience

Since launching in-app shopping capabilities in 2016, Instagram — and the wider Meta properties — have steadily taken the e-commerce world by storm.

According to a recent report, 72% of consumers have been influenced by Instagram to make a purchase — with 44% of respondents using the app to shop weekly.

Setting up your social commerce framework means building out shoppable content across your key social selling platforms: think Instagram and Facebook, as well as Pinterest, Snap, and TikTok.

Creating an omnichannel shopping experience throughout these platforms will increase your brand affinity — and can be done simply by curating high-res imagery and implementing your brand’s signature tone of voice for anything BFCM-related.

Tip 2: Invest in tools to automate customer messaging

Ensuring an omnichannel shopping experience also means meeting shoppers on multiple platforms — seamlessly.

This can be managed with a unified messaging inbox — like Heyday — which organizes all of your customer dms in one place (because 90% of consumers expect an immediate response from brands when they have a purchasing question).

Tip 3: Implement a content and community-first social media strategy

As re-targeting becomes more and more challenging, shifting from a highly paid media-heavy marketing strategy to one of content creation — and community — means retaining customers for the long term and driving more sales come BFCM.

This is especially true of selling on TikTok.

As 2022 saw more and more brands launching social commerce efforts on TikTok, hashtags like ‘TikTok made me buy it’ have continued to trend on the app. Brands attribute posting consistently as one of the key factors to increasing sales on TikTok— but also working in collaboration with creators and influencers.

With 43% of surveyed TikTok users believing that organic content blends in with advertisements, BFCM is an opportunity to take your social commerce to new heights.

You can download the complete guide to Black Friday/Cyber Monday here.

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