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Meet Heyday Sales and Support Chat: Conversational AI for Shopify Merchants
 — November 24, 2020

Conversational AI designed for ecommerce

Here at Heyday, we believe that helping is the new selling. 

With our AI chat platform, merchants can get customers what they need faster, making more sales, lowering support queues, and reducing their operational costs—but most importantly, making their online shopping experience feel more personal with real-time, engaging one-on-one conversations at scale. 

Iconic retail brands like Decathlon, Simons, Garage Clothing, Dynamite, and DAVIDsTEA are already using Heyday’s unique blend of automation and smart conversational AI to streamline their customer experience. 

But beyond our big enterprise customers, we’re on a mission to make tools normally only available to the Fortune 500 accessible to the Fortune 500,000! This is why businesses of any size can up their sales and customer care game with the Heyday Sales and Support Chat app, available in the Shopify App Store. With Heyday, brands of all sizes can use our enterprise-level AI chat capabilities—from solopreneurs to fast-growing ecommerce stores and retailers.

“Customers expect to talk to a brand instantly today. Heyday brings automation and AI into the mix for solopreneurs so they can provide immediate, relevant responses to customers 24-7,” says Ellen Dunne, Senior Product Lead at Shopify.

“This next generation of chat helps small merchants level-up their sales game, increase conversions, and improve customer service in a cost-effective way.”

Our AI chatbot helps merchants automate their first line of conversations and route the more complex conversations to their sales or support teams. By automating repetitive tasks like answering FAQs (think order tracking, store hours, or your shipping and returns policy), merchants and their teams can focus on helping the customers who really need it—where an automated response just won’t cut it.

“This next generation of chat helps small merchants level-up their sales game, increase conversions, and improve customer service in a cost-effective way.”


The value that our app brings to both merchants and consumers is one of the reasons why Shopify touted Heyday as one of the top apps merchants should use this BFCM by Shopify.

“Working in tandem with a fellow Canadian company to provide greater access to advanced AI chat capabilities for merchants everywhere is ideal for Shopify,” says Marie-Claude Léveillé, Sr. Technology Partner Manager at Shopify. “We have the same ethos when it comes to providing tools and solutions to help retailers thrive and grow, from solopreneurs to enterprise-level brands.”

Small business owners love the Heyday Sales and Support Chat app—but don’t take our word for it! Here’s what people are saying about us

This app helped us so much! The chatbot automatically responds to questions about orders and tracking and even recommends products. It definitely freed up customer service. Setup was easy, features ready to use. I recommend Heyday to anyone with a high volume of customer requests.”

We are [a direct-to-consumer] business, so we tried it out. We love this… Super easy, saved us time. It’s perfect for showing products inside chat. Definitely try this out.”

“I really like the product cards in this app. It allowed customers to add items to cart and go directly to check out. Customer support for the app is excellent.”

And that’s not all. Since its soft launch earlier this year, Heyday has been installed by over 1,000 Shopify merchants and has seen its fair share of success stories.

Canadian Shopify Plus store, Popeye’s Supplements, saw significant results from implementing Heyday’s Shopify App features, including AI Product Search for product discovery, and FAQ Automation for customer support needs. “Thanks to Heyday, we’ve saved at least 50% in customer service costs, and my team can focus on high-value projects and customers,” says Philippe-Antoine Defoy, GM and owner at Popeye’s Supplements Quebec.

Popeye’s Supplements uses Heyday to interact in real-time with shoppers

Merci Handy, a French-owned cosmetics retailer that also runs on Shopify, turned to Heyday to help support the surge in website traffic following COVID-19. “The pandemic caused an explosion in demand for our products,” says Charles Thélu, Merci Handy’s Head of Digital. “We were working tirelessly just to get through inventory challenges and serve the higher volumes of customers visiting our digital storefront.”

With that spike in demand came a flood of customer service inquiries. To deal with the volume while still offering stellar service, Charles turned to Heyday.

“We set up FAQ Automation in a way that integrates questions about our products, too,” says Thélu. “We knew we had a lot of new customers coming to the site, and wanted our service to leave a lasting impression.”

By automating responses to repetitive questions, Charles assured that his customers could get immediate service without straining his Customer Support team.

“Thanks to Heyday, we’ve saved at least 50% in customer service costs, and my team can focus on high-value projects and customers.” 

Heyday’s FAQ Automation instantly answers shipping queries

Exceptional customer experiences sell 

At Heyday, our goal is to provide merchants around the world with a powerful AI platform that’s easy to use and helps them give personalized, real-time service to every person that visits their website. 

Retailers of all sizes can use AI chatbots to improve their digital customer experience and make more sales this holiday season.

Turn browsers into buyers, 24/7

Engage, capture and convert more online traffic into sales with AI-powered sales chat. Sell more in each conversation with personalized product carousels for everyone that visits your website.

Free yourself from answering FAQs 

Automate incoming support questions with AI-powered FAQ automation and support chat. Shorten support queues, while giving customers real-time responses to questions like order tracking, your store hours, shipping and return policy, and more.

Manage all conversations from the same place 

Track every conversation in real-time—whether it’s via your online store’s chat widget, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messaging, WhatsApp or Google Business Messages, and email—from an intuitive dashboard. 

To learn more about our app’s features, download it, and try it for yourself, visit Shopify’s App Store today. 

If you’re a retailer with multiple brick-and-mortar locations, we encourage you to reach out to our team of experts to learn more about our enterprise-level features.

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