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ATTITUDE: Supporting Healthy Living with Conversational AI
 — May 31, 2022


Based in Canada with products sold in over 55 countries, ATTITUDE creates natural personal care and household products that are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and without synthetic ingredients. By developing products that are less harmful to the environment, the company is helping to ensure a sustainable future while also promoting healthy lifestyles. 

ATTITUDE is certified by ECOLOGO — only available for products that meet strict environmental standards, from development to disposal — and by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for their commitment to developing products without harming animals in the process. Beyond their commitment to positive social change, ATTITUDE also ensures they deliver five-star online customer experiences across digital channels with a conversational AI assistant from Heyday by Hootsuite.


Summary: Rapid Growth, New Challenges

As the company’s e-commerce orders and customer service requests skyrocketed in early 2020, ATTITUDE needed to expand their CS capacity. With a high number of requests arriving outside of regular working hours, and with a global presence to manage, the company saw chat and email automation with conversational AI as an ideal solution. 

After selecting Heyday as their provider, the two partners worked together to build a custom AI-powered chatbot that would automatically handle FAQs around order tracking, product questions and other simple queries. The bot would also be able to provide personalized product recommendations, provide customers with in-stock notifications, and more.


Within weeks of implementing the chatbot on the company e-commerce site, Facebook Messenger, Google’s Business Messages and email channels, ATTITUDE saw thousands of customer inquiries handled by the AI, lowering CS costs and delivering personalized and memorable experiences for users. 

In the first month of operation, 98% of visitors to the ATTITUDE e-commerce site reported their experience with the AI as “excellent”.


Challenge: Finding a Solution to Serve Customers 24/7

Faced with an increasing number of online sales and customer inquiries, Myriam Chiheb, e-commerce manager for ATTITUDE, was looking for a solution that would allow the company to manage customer communications at scale — without breaking the bank. 

“We needed something that allowed us to communicate spontaneously with customers, to respond to their questions more quickly,” said Myriam. “Emails are a bit ‘colder’ than chat; chat is more like a conversation, which is really what we were looking for.”

Pauline Veluet, Customer Service Manager for ATTITUDE, echoed those sentiments.
“We definitely had an increase in sales from our website during the pandemic, and we experienced a related spike in customer inquiries as well,” said Pauline. For both Myriam and Pauline, automation using conversational AI was the clear solution.

Attitude-order tracking-visual

Approach: Create Five-Star CX With AI

After ATTITUDE selected Heyday as their provider, the partners set about defining goals based on the challenges they were facing. Together, they identified three main objectives:


Deliver an engaging and enjoyable conversational experience for web and Facebook visitors, the flows of which could be managed by customer service teams in a centralized way
Help customers quickly find answers to their questions by automating responses to FAQs
Enable customer service teams to focus on higher-value conversations and create five-star experiences, in turn helping to drive sales and improve customer satisfaction


After finalizing these goals, Heyday got to work building ATTITUDE’s custom AI virtual assistant. Once ready for implementation, the bot was rolled out on the ATTITUDE e-commerce site, as well as Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages, and email channels. 

To help create a first-class conversational experience, the bot was built to respond to 25 unique FAQs, provide product search, order tracking and in-stock notifications, and handle newsletter signups.


Results: Customer Satisfaction and Continued Growth

In the first three months after roll-out — October to December 2021 — ATTITUDE’s conversational AI launched over 13,000 chats with customers, achieving an automation rate of nearly 70%. For the month of October, 98% of users described their chat experience as “excellent”.


During the same period ATTITUDE’s AI assistant also handled nearly 800 emails, with average time for resolving a customer’s question via email being 4 minutes 38 seconds. 

Myriam described how the AI has made life easier for her busy team. “Heyday has been super helpful in automating FAQs. For example, when a customer wants to track an order, they can simply enter the order number and the bot tells them the status of their order,” said Myriam. 

For her part, Pauline described how easy Heyday is to use on the back end, and how her team was able to start using the platform in no time at all. 

“Heyday is very simple to use,” she said. “The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, and our employees were able to understand how to use it very quickly.”


Myriam also noted how helpful and responsive the Heyday customer success team is when working with ATTITUDE — an approach that has not only satisfied Myriam, but is also reflected in how Heyday’s AI engages with ATTITUDE’s customers.  

“Heyday really brought us closer to our clients,” said Myriam. “The service is excellent; we’ve been well cared for from day one.” 

Find out how Heyday by Hootsuite conversational AI can help your brand automate customer care and drive social commerce sales by booking a demo today.

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