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Humans are at the
heart of our AI
Chatbots might be our thing, but we’re people-first at our core.
Learn what makes us special and why our mission might interest you.

About us

Heyday’s story, at a glance.

Founded in 2017, Heyday’s sole focus has always been on empowering brands and retailers to forge deeper connections with their customers through chat. And, since our first year, we’ve added upwards of 50 people to our diverse roster of talented folks, created a portfolio of loyal partners, and expanded our client base across North America, Europe, Asia and Africa to empower retailers of all shapes and sizes, everywhere.

Heyday benefits

We care about your health and happiness.

Life at work has changed forever – and we’re adapting our practices to fit the needs of our multifaceted team. We cover healthcare assistance on-the-go via access to Dialogue app, and each employee gets a minimum 3 weeks of vacation time (…yes, we make you take it!), and flexible working hours so you can make your job fit your life, not the other way around.

Equal opportunity employer

We know that diversity helps us all grow.

Heyday is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity. It’s our mission to make everyone feel like they belong regardless of ethnicity, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital or disability status. We seek and value different perspectives, experiences, and opinions. If you value this too, check out our openings.

Diversity and inclusion

Meet the women of Heyday.

Here’s a stat we don’t love: women in Canada make up only 20% of the overall tech workforce. At Heyday, we’re committed to changing the narrative, and proud to say we’re 10% above the national average. But we’re just getting started – and we’re continuing to ensure that women from within hold leadership positions.

Current profiles of our #WomenInTech:

Say hey to Sacha

Now let’s see if our values line up with yours.


We’re building an ambitious collective of experts who know that the team is only as strong as the sum of its parts. To us, teamwork also means: kindness, empathy and compassion towards one another.


Let’s be honest: no one remembers mediocre. We measure excellence in business outcomes, but also by outlook and attitude. The rigor to go the extra mile to build something great connects us from department to department, role to role.


Ever heard of an entrepreneurial spirit? This is something we value a ton – and it’s all about taking ownership and accountability for your success. We empower people to make decisions, think critically on their own, and help their team win.


Great design and top-notch customer experiences start with empathy. To fulfill our mission to create personalized, seamless retail experiences – we need people that can listen, learn, and understand what it’s like to be human. In other words, high EQ = high on our priority list.


It’s what separates so-so companies from the greats, and it’s at the centre of our organizational culture. We stick to our word, keep each other honest, and value openness and transparency at every level of the org chart. No exceptions.

Customer Obsession

We walk the talk when it comes to obsessing over our customer experiences. We put our best foot forward in every scenario to make our customers think of Heyday as a bright spot in their day – and a reliable partner for their future.

Ready to hop on the rocketship with us?

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